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Finley Guest Post: Bark Box Review

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(Layla's note: Finley is not very fluent. You've been warned.)

Yeeeesssssss! Bark Box! Bark Box! 

My mom said to mention that it was ship themed, but I don't know what that means so.... Here's what we got! 

Jolly Pets Romp n' Roll

Jolly Pets Romp n' Roll

TOY: Jolly Pets Romp n' Roll

  • Tail Wags (out of 10): 7 *This is a pretty simple toy; there's just a hole-y ball with a rope through it. I could make it if I had thumbs.  
  • Status: in pieces
Petrageous Lobster 

Petrageous Lobster 

TOY: Petrageous Lobster

  • Tail Wags (out of 10): 10 *This guy is squeaky, and fairly hard to tear up, and can go in the lake. 
  • Status: Missing one claw.

TREATS: Bocce's Bakery Lobster Roll Treats

  • Tail Wags (out of 10): 9 *These smells so much like butter and lobster. I've never actually had either of those, but I can imagine. Also, mom says they're healthy but crumbly.  
  • Status: G-O-N-E

TREATS: Grandma Bowser's Cheddar Biscuits

  • Tail Wags (out of 10): 8 *These are a weird size so they're not small enough for good-potty-treats or big enough for thanks-for-running-five-miles treats. They're okay, but I think my mom could make them.
  • Status: Some left. 

Do you want a Bark Box? Use this promo code: http://ruv.barkbox.com/x/0E5mPm.