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K-9 Playland Review

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This week my mom actually had to be at work, which sucked compared to when she was working from home. It means that Fin and I were stuck in our crates more than usual. Don't get me wrong; we like our crates. We pretty much sleep all day anyway, and I actually sleep in my crate by choice some nights. (Fin sometimes sleep in my crate by choice, too, because I have an awesome bed.) But still. 

When we lived in South Carolina we had an awesome friend who would come over and play with us for a couple hours per week, but here, we don't have any friends yet.  

So on Tuesday, we tried out K-9 Playland. And well, they tried out out, too. 

K-9 Playland - 2301 South Blvd. 

K-9 Playland - 2301 South Blvd. 

It turns out that they know about Carolina Dogs so they weren't offended at all when I barked, and growled, and showed my teeth a little bit. And Finley and I loved it! And I was actually playing with other dogs when my mom picked us up, which I don't usually do, even at the Dog Bar. 

My mom says I should include something about money, which I don't really know anything about. 

She says that if we go to K-9 Playland all day once per week, it's about the same amount of money she was paying the dog walker to walk us twice per week for only an hour or two. So this way we get more fun time out of the house! 

  • To give you an idea: for a full day, two dogs cost $43.74. (There's also a link to their prices above.)

And the best part is... We get to go back next week!  

Please let us know if there's any other doggie day cares we should try out!