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Being a Carolina Dog: Breed Info

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I guess that I haven't really discussed my breed; some of you might think that "Carolina Dog" just means I'm from one of the Carolinas. Carolina Dogs are a specific breed. 


About Carolina Dogs/American Dingos

We, Carolina Dogs, are North America's native dog. Apparently, we were domesticated by the Native Americans, and then when the Europeans brought their breeds over, we went to the swamps, and it wasn't until the 1970s when I. Lehr Brisbin "discovered" us. For more information about our breed and our origins, have someone read you "DNA Backs Lore on Pre-Columbian Dogs" by Jack Hitt

We're awesomely weird. We're about 45-55 lbs., come in a few colors (red, buff, pie bald, and black/tan), and have fishhook tails. We have a lot of energy. We can zoom (not just run), have very flexible spines, and bark, howl, speak, and sing. We also love to chase and catch squirrels, chipmunks, and mice, and love to dig holes in the back yard.

The most important thing to know about us is that we're pack animals. I'm sure you've heard Cesar talk about making sure your dog knows who is in charge, but this is even more true of us. You have to show us who's in charge, and every time our pack changes at all (moves, adds another dog, cat, baby), you need to remind us. I am actually really good at taking advantage of any change to disobey my parents. I'm probably the smartest and sneakiest of all CDs, but I'll give the others some credit: we're all pretty smart and sneaky.   

So now, we're recognized by the UKC, and you can get a dog like me from either a breeder or a shelter. There are still Carolina Dogs living in the wild, too, so you might just find one.


Getting a Carolina Dog from a Breeder

I can from a breeder named Jane Gunnell at Banbury Cross Farm. She is amazing, and my mom called her while I was a puppy to check in and ask questions--especially like when I got ringworm from baby kittens. I am UKC certified, whatever that means. 

Getting a Carolina Dog from a Shelter

Saving Carolina Dogs Rescue and Adoption Network is the best organization to adopt from if you're unfamiliar with CDs. If you are familiar with CDs, you can do what my mom did when she was looking for Finley; she just watch Petfinder for a few weeks until she found a CD type. This is hard though because they're really often miss labeled. 

Remember that if you are interested in owning a Carolina Dog, you need to be prepared. My mom recommends making sure that you crate train us, give us lots of treats, and exercise us a lot. 

Also, CD friends and owners, I know this isn't a comprehensive guide to Carolina Dogs so please add anything you want in the comments section!