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The Dog Bar: Layla Reviews Charlotte

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My mom told me that instead of starting out with political commentary (because that might alienate my potential audience, blah blah blah), I should review some of my favorite Charlotte hang outs and explore some new ones.

This week, I'm featuring The Dog Bar in NoDa! 


The Dog Bar is an excellent place to take your people for the following reasons: 

1. Your people will feel like good people because they can take you there, and that means you will get more pets.  

2. There is plenty of room to run and play and zoom.

3. If you have an annoying puppy with you, like Finley, there are tons of dogs to play with so the puppy will get worn out. (And then hopefully he will leave you alone.)

4. If you get overwhelmed when you're surrounded by a lot of strange dogs, you can just hop in one of their high porch chairs. 

5. You can growl and bark just about as much as you want to. (Sometimes I get in trouble for showing my teeth; when I do, I just hop in a high porch chair and pout.) 

6. You can also hide between the bar stools if all the high porch chairs are taken. 


7. The bar stools are also perfect dog-petting height so you can lean on strangers and they will pet you. 

8. You can pee and poo everywhere. (Dogs can, duh, not people.) 

9. All the people there love dogs so all the people there will love you. 

10. It's perfect rain or shine, summer or winter! There are plenty of covered areas when it rains and pools and fans when it's hot out. Also, in the winter, there are heat lamps! 

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