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Pupsicles: An Easy Homemade Dog Treat for Any Sunny Day

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What's better for a pup in the spring than an afternoon in the yard chasing squirrels? Enjoying a pupsicle afterwards! 

No really, pupsicles are an easy dog treat that you can make with just a blender or food processor. And the homemade version is much more economical than the ones available in the freezer aisle of your local grocery store. 


Ingredients (for 8 approximately one cup sized pupsicles)

  • 32 oz. of plain nonfat yogurt 
  • 16-18 oz. of creamy peanut butter
  • 8 extra small (approximately one cup) sized BPA-free plastic containers
  • Food processor or blender

You'll also need some common tools from your kitchen like a rubber spatula and a spoon. 

Note: I bought the cheapest products possible in my local stores. There are easy ways to upgrade your pupsicles depending on your pup's tastes or needs: Greek yogurt, chunky peanut butter, etc. You will need lids for your plastic containers, although they are not pictured here.    


  1. Layer yogurt and peanut butter in the food processor or blender. (Begin with yogurt so that less peanut butter sticks to the blades.) 
  2. Blend until thoroughly combined and smooth. The color should look similar to that shown below. 

Seriously, that's it. 

Finishing up: 

  1. Spoon/pour the mixture evenly into the plastic containers. 
  2. Cover with lids and freeze. (Or just serve them as is: pup-gurt.)

Don't Forget: 

  • These are treats. They should not be served as a meal. 
  • If your pup has an upset tummy, the probiotics in the yogurt may help. 
  • Supervise your dog until he/she has finished his/her pupsicle. 
  • Do not let your dog eat the plastic containers. 
Also, sometimes I let Finley lick the peanut butter jar clean! 

Also, sometimes I let Finley lick the peanut butter jar clean! 

Finley likes his pupsicles straight from the freezer, but Layla likes hers a little melted. How does your pup prefer his/her pupsicle?