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10 Things Trouble Thinks About While You're Sleeping

PetsAngelina OberdanComment

In her own words:

1. How much I love Dan.

(As Trouble's typist, I am not bitter about this. At. All.)

2. If he left any bottle caps out for me to play with. 

(Yes, this is hazardous to my feet, but Trouble and Dan have a conspiracy.)

3. If they left anything on the coffee table for me to push off. 


4. How fast I can run up the stairs. 

5. How fast I can run down the stairs. 

6. How fast I can run down the hallway. 

(4-6 always happen in the middle of the night.) 

7. Where I should puke next.  

(In other words: where is it most inconvenient to puke.)

8. If I can steal your pillow while you sleep. 

9. How I can train Finley to come when I call him. 

10. How many times I can hit Finley in the face before he runs away.