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Camp Bow Wow - Charlotte Metro: Layla Reviews Charlotte

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My mom took us to Camp Bow Wow for the first time this week, and here's what we thought about it. 

Interview Process

We thought we were going somewhere fun, and then we had to sit in the car for awhile. It was really l-a-m-e because we thought we were going to K-9 Playland and we could smell all of the dogs, but we couldn't go in. Then when we did get to go in, they split Finley and I up for a little while. He got to meet some new dogs first, and then I got to go in and meet them, too. 

Mom told me that we passed our test with flying colors, whatever that means, and that she got to watch the whole thing on TV. 


The facilities were really nice, but there wasn't anywhere to lay in the sun. I like to lay in the sun when it's nice out so that was a little disappointing. 


(Mom took over for this section. I don't do math when it doesn't involve treats.) 

Price-wise, they're a little more expensive than K-9 Playland. It's about $50 per day for two dogs instead of $44. There are memberships, but since Layla and Fin go on different days depending on our schedule that isn't an option for us. 

For more specific pricing, check out their website


K-9 Playland is closer to our house, but Club Bow-Wow is closer to my dad's work. Daycare was fun, but Mom said they look like a really good place to board if we ever have to stay over night because each dog gets a peanut butter filled Kong. 

There are tons of doggie daycares in the Charlotte area so there will be more reviews to come! Try out Camp Bow Wow if you haven't yet.