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5 Things My Humans Do That I Don't Understand

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There are a lot of things that my humans do that I don't understand. These are just the top five. 

1. My humans don't leave anything on the floor except my toys and their shoes. I don't get it.

I get to eat on the floor, lay on the floor; heck, I love the floor! More floor for me! 

2. Some humans tell their dogs to stop barking. Fortunately, my humans don't do this. Still, it's something I don't get. 

My humans don't mind when I bark or Finley howls. We're just trying to be good guard dogs after all. Some dog parents get really embarrassed and yell at their dogs; I don't get it. People talk all the time! Why can't we?

3. Humans make the bed the wrong way. If you've read my blog before, you know that this drives me bonkers. 

I'll show you have to make a bed the right way. 

4.  Humans change clothes all the time! 

I don't understand why they don't just keep wearing the same clothes; after a day or so, the clothes get good and stinky. I try to steal the stinky clothes and put them in my crate, but my people don't like that very much. 

5. Why don't humans take more naps? 

I love to take naps. I take naps all the time. My humans only take naps like once a day. SMH

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If you're a dog and your human is reading this to you, I'd love to hear what drives you nuts in the comments!