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My Dog is Warmer than Your Dog: How to Make a Pup-Hoodie

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Just in time for Christmas! 

My dogs, Layla and Finley, both get to play outside a lot, even when it's cold outside, and because it's so wet in South Carolina that means they're often muddy and need showers. And after their showers, they need something to kept their sweet wet bodies warm (and my furniture dry) so I've made them both hoodies out of my old ones. 

"Ma, can I have a hoodie like Layla's?" -Finley

"Ma, can I have a hoodie like Layla's?" -Finley

Because Fin needs a new hoodie (the one I made him last year doesn't fit anymore), I'll show you how to make one. Also, I decided to use this old Mizzou hoodie because my high school boyfriend bought if for me 10+ years ago and because Mizzou is going to beat Auburn this weekend. 


  • An old hoodie 
  • Fabric scissors
  • Marker 

*** Sizing: To give you an idea, my dogs are between 45 and 55 lbs., and women's size small sweatshirts fit them perfectly. I'd suggest using women's sweatshirts because the men's collars seem to be too wide for the dogs (unless you have a strapping breed with a wide chest). 

Step 1: Plan

Mark the cuts you are going to make on hoodie.


The largest cut you're going to make is around the pocket so mark that one first, as above. 


You're also going to make cuts on the sleeves and, if you have a pup that chews everything, around the grommets and strings; mark those next. 


So that you have an idea of what you're going for, above is Layla's hoodie with the final cuts made; notice that I did not have to cut her grommets out because she is not a chewer. She did manage to peek into this picture though. 

Step 2: Cut

Make your cuts and adjust. Remember that this is a no-sew project so make conservative cuts and then adjust afterwards. You should fold the hoodie in half to make sure the sleeves are even, too. 

After you've made your cuts, put the hoodie on your dog to make sure it fits. 


Fin's sleeves were a little long when I first put it on him. It was difficult for him to shake so I cut the sleeves shorter (after taking it off him of course). Remember that you want your dogs to be able to play, snuggle, and even go outside (That's why the pockets are cut out) in these hoodies. 

Step 3: Enjoy! 


And Outtakes...