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A Playful Christmas Tree: Ornaments that Anticipate Chaos

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I started decorating my Christmas tree with puppy-safe decorations during Layla's first holiday season because then, I had a grumpy old cat who would knock everything off the countertops to smirk with Trouble while Layla destroyed whatever she pawed down. My grumpy cat is no longer with us, but Trouble still loves to play with the Christmas tree ornaments, and Layla and Finley are still pretty good at destroying/eating whatever falls on the floor. 

This idea was inspired by my cousin and his wife, Max and Danielle Gaylon, when I visited their Brooklyn apartment; their ornaments were filled with festive-colored food like wasabi peas and licorice. One year, I also gave these doggie- and kitty-treat ornaments away as presents for all my pet-loving friends. I finally upgraded from my 3 ft. tree this year to a 6.5 ft. tree, and there are some places the cat cannot reach so I made some people-treat ornaments, too. 

Here's what works in my house: 


Plastic Fill-able Ornaments

I think the ones above are from FactoryDirect.com and are 60mm, but I bought them some years ago so I'm not sure. Because I upgraded my tree, I just ordered twelve 100mm from Amazon.com. They range in price from about $1-3 per globe, but they last forever. Also, if it's your first year using them, you need to pick up a package of green plastic ornament hooks. 

Cat Treats/Toys

Above is just a cat toy candy cane from Target. Everything in it is ornament-sized. 

Dog Treats

Baked Delights are star-shaped so they seemed festive to me. I had Pup Corn at home anyway so I used some of that as well. 

People Treats

I'm pretty sure that if you're reading this blog, you can pick out your own treats. I actually have to hide these ornaments from myself. 

Glitter (if you want to) 

Extras? I put the extras in the Ball Jars below so that I can easily refill my ornaments when they run out. 


And the dogs immediately started scoping out the treats on the tree....


And since I had my camera out, I had to get some puppy/tree pictures.