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Guest Post: That Time Fin Learned How to Drive

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Yep. That's right. I learned how to drive. I mean, after all, I'm like 35 in dog years. It was about time my mom let me. 

My friend, Greg, came over to our house, and Layla and Bogart had to stay outside because I'm the best. Obviously. 

First, my mum got in the car with me because I sit in the front seat a lot, but I usually don't have to reach the peddles or use the steering wheel. Greg was nice and a pretty good coach. (Me thinks he coaching swimming, too. That's what mum said.)


And then they let me take the wheel! 

My friend, Chantal made sure I didn't hit anything, and our neighbors even came out to watch. 

And I was in two videos! Check them out! 

My first vine appearance! Where are you going Finley?

My YouTube Premiere! Planet of the Pups - Dogs have taken over, and they now own their humans! 

Mum- take me to the dmv! I think I could get my license. Are thumbs required?

Pupsicles! There's no better treat in the heat of August!

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We love pupsicles in August, and that’s why we repost this recipe every summer.

I mean, what's better for a pup in the spring than an afternoon in the yard chasing squirrels and enjoying a pupsicle afterwards?! 

No really, pupsicles are an easy dog treat that that hoomans can make with just a blender or food processor. And the homemade version is much more economical than the ones available in the freezer aisle of your local grocery store. 

Ingredients (for twelve approximately 1/4 cup sized pupsicles)

  • 32 oz. of plain nonfat yogurt 

  • 16-18 oz. of creamy peanut butter

  • 12 extra small (approximately 1/4 cup) sized BPA-free plastic containers

  • Food processor or blender

You'll also need some common tools from your kitchen like a rubber spatula and a spoon. 

Note: My hoomans buy the cheapest products possible in my local stores. There are easy ways to upgrade your pupsicles depending on your pup's tastes or needs: Greek yogurt, chunky peanut butter, etc. You will need lids for your plastic containers, although they are not pictured here.   

Caution: Some peanut butters contain the artificial sweetener xylitol which is extremely toxic for dogs. Check the ingredients!  


  1. Layer yogurt and peanut butter in the food processor or blender. (Begin with yogurt so that less peanut butter sticks to the blades.) 
  2. Blend until thoroughly combined and smooth. The color should look similar to that shown below. 
  3. You can add some water if you want to stretch the recipe a little bit.

Seriously, that's it. 

Finishing up: 

  1. Spoon/pour the mixture evenly into the plastic containers. 
  2. Cover with lids and freeze. (Or just serve them as is: pup-gurt.)

Don't Forget: 

  • These are treats. They should not be served as a meal. 
  • Carefully check the yogurt and peanut butter to make sure neither contain ingredients that are toxic for dogs.
  • Supervise your dog until he/she has finished his/her pupsicle. 
  • Do not let your dog eat the plastic containers. 

Bogart loved his first pupsicle!

He's an expert pupsicle-eater now.

Whatcha Eatin'?

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My hoomans are always on weird diets, and I don't really understand, but my mum says that nutrition is important, even for pups. 

In my opinion, we should just be allowed to eat pancakes all the time. What's so wrong with that? 

So, anyway, our friends at Reviews.com asked us to share their research about what to look for in dog food. My mum says that there are lot of recalls of dog food and that she would be really sad if she fed us bad dog food on accident. 

For us, two-thirds of our food is Taste of the Wild, and--since we're spoiled--the other third is homemade. (The recipe is, for now, top-secret.) Anyway, it doesn't really matter too much to me which brand other pups prefer, but there are some ingredients hoomans should look at.

Click the image to read the full report! 

Click the image to read the full report! 

Stay safe and happy chowin'! 

Flashback to this post my mom wrote about us: Running with the Dogs

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In honor of me getting back into running (which you can click here and read about), I decided to revisit this blog my mum wrote about why hoomans should run with their dogs. 

It is from a really long time ago, when we lived in Clemson, SC and when it was winter. Hopefully it will help cool off our other US dog friends and inspire out Australian dog friends to get out and run, too. 

Angelina: Every winter, it seems like it gets harder and harder to convince myself to run in the cold. This was true a few years ago when I originally posted this blog, and it's still true now.

(In fact, I think it's just as hard to convince myself to run in the hot summer, but running with your pups in the summer is a whole other issue.)

While Layla was my original reason to start running (we both needed to get in shape), when we adopted Fin, running became mandatory.  I mentioned that having two crazy dogs is good motivation to get out of the house. 

Layla and Fin are, in fact, the reason I learned to love running. After graduate school, I started teaching full-time so there were plenty of days when I only had 30 minutes to spend on myself or the dogs. I quickly learned that if I ran with the dogs, I could check off two to-dos with one run.

I also run with my dogs because as miserable as I might feel, the dogs are always so excited I can't help but be happy. 

Pups Running 3.jpg
Pups Running 1.jpg
Pups Running 2.jpg

When I originally posted this, we were lucky to live in a part of the country where there are a lot of experimental forests with no leash laws. Finley and Bogart are equally happy running on their leashes and as worn out as the end of the run as I am. Layla, however, hates running on a leash. 

Post Running.jpg

So get out there and run with your pups, people! We especially like trails and lakes. I'm begging my mum to take me running right now.